“Lunana” - an hymnus on education

Ugyen lives in the capital of Bhutan and dreams of a career as a musician in Australia. But the state forces him to work as a teacher in Lunana, Here, a dozen curious children are waiting to be educated, he meets a community that meets him respectfully, people convinced that teachers «touch the future of children».

The film was shot on the spot, in the village of Lunana, in and around the world’s most remote school. The village is a hamlet located along the glaciers of the Himalayas, where one can only reach after a walk of 8 days, in the highest mountains of the world. There are only 56 people living in the village, most of whom have never seen the outside world. «Lunana» literally means the dark valley: a valley so far and distant that the light does not even reach it. The village is so isolated that even today, there is no electricity or grid.

Don’t miss that movie at Utopia!

Global education - explaining why 63 million children and young people have no access to education

The comeback of LEKOLI !

a board game on access to education in Africa

In 2012, CSI created a board game about access to education in Africa. The game was a huge success. Last year, the global education team reworked all the LEKOLI materials, both content and form, and an English translation was added. We are pleased to announce that the printing of the "large model" and "small model" games is now underway! Lekoli is designed both as a family game, and as a basic tool for animation or further reflection on topics related to access to education. The game touches on many concepts and the game is even more enriching when preceded or followed by a discussion with the children.

A great way to combine learning and play!

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CSI Luxembourg is a State-recognised NGO, which has been supporting disadvantaged and marginalised people since 1989 by launching tangible projects which aim at helping them out of poverty and which offer them better future prospects.

In addition to the development cooperation, which concentrates mainly on educational projects, CSI is also active in the field of "Global Education". This means that we organize awareness workshops in primary schools. Access to education is the focus of these workshops.

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