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    Experiencing the many difficulties and obstacles in the life of an illiterate person, that was the aim of a series of workshops organised by CSI for 6th grade students from Pontpierre. As part of Global Education, they slipped into the role of the farmers of a small village in Burkina Faso for two hours in order to discover the obstacles faced by illiterate people in their daily lives.
    In the following workshop, the students tried to gather arguments for or against school. Is school really such a stupid invention or maybe not?The students were shown pictures of African schools and an excerpt from "Once Upon a Time ... Planet Earth" which explained the reasons why many children cannot go to school. 
    Subsequently, each student had to think about the dream of their life. When asked about the skills they need in order to fulfil their dream, their first reaction was silence. Does a nurse need to know foreign languages? And why is numeracy so important? These questions were followed by a lively discussion.
    Then, the students were asked to think again, this time about where they acquire the skills that are necessary to make their dream come true.
    It was with some astonishment that the students realised that school is a trampoline, bringing them closer to their dream. A trampoline that, unfortunately, is still denied to 58 million children.
    The last workshop was held in the sports centre "N'airgym" in Mondercange (www.nairgym.lu), which was provided to us free of charge for this project. On the trampoline, the children were given the opportunity to experience the high-altitude flight whose symbolic value we had elaborated together.
    May they go back to school with the same enthusiasm in autumn!
  • On October 24th at 8 pm, the trio Ellika, Solo and Rafael will give a guest performance in the Conservatory in Luxembourg City at the invitation of the consortium "Education, un défi pour tous ". The three musicians from Sweden, Senegal and Mexico will use this occasion to present their current music programme. Don’t miss it! More information can be found in due time on the website http://consortiumedt.com/

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