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  • Last year CSI Lëtzebuerg transferred a total of €760 963.80 to its local partner organisations. The largest amount (€210 998, or 28% of spending) went on the building of an education centre for disabled children and young people in Vietnam. 22% of expenditure (€165 198) was used to build a training centre for teachers in South Sudan. In total, CSI Lëtzebuerg last year financed 17 projects in six different countries on three continents.

    CSI Lëtzebuerg has signed a framework agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the years 2013-2016, under which the Ministry is committed to covering 80% of project costs. The remaining 20% (€152 192) will be funded through donations. 

    At this point we would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has made a donation to CSI during the year gone by. We hope we will be able to count on your support this year as well!
  • 2015 is a special year for development. For the first time a European thematic year is being dedicated to overseas relations and Europe’s role in the world. Could there ever be a better time for development organisations to draw attention to their contribution to the battle against world poverty and convince Europe’s citizens to support their ideas?

    This year also sees the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals agreed in the year 2000. The international community will take stock of the progress made and, we hope, also admit that some of these goals, regrettably, have not been reached. At the same time it will devise a new global framework for tackling poverty and promoting sustainable development.

    Between now and December, as part of the European Year for Development (EYD), events centred on the subject of development will be taking place in all EU Member States. In Luxembourg, the EYD was officially launched on 14 January in the presence of the Development Minister Romain Schneider, the EYD Goodwill Ambassador Ben Fayot, representatives of various NGOs and a large number of schoolchildren.

    You can find a list of all events planned in connection with the  EYD (in French) at: http://www.luxembourg.public.lu/catalogue/actualites/2015/01-12-developpement.pdf

    For further information see https://europa.eu/eyd2015/en
  • Bulgarie1At the beginning of 2014 CSI Lëtzebuerg sent 25 treasure-chests to distant parts of the world. Once they arrived at their various destinations, enthusiastic primary school children filled them with articles, letters and photos etc. relating to the subject of education. The result was 25 little masterpieces reflecting the culture and thoughts of those children and providing an interesting insight into their everyday lives.
    The treasure-chests are as different as the countries they were sent to and the children who decorated them. But they all have one thing in common: education is seen as a treasure which provides the foundation for a happy future.
    Inde1Even the youngest children realise the importance of a good education, and they have used their artistic skills to demonstrate this.

    In October 2014 the treasure-chests were on show in Luxembourg for three days. A total of more than 100 people, including many schoolchildren, attended the exhibition.



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