Lekoli board game

LEKOLI, a board game about access to education in Africa

The word “LEKOLI” comes from the Bambara language, which is spoken in many countries of Western Africa. “LEKOLI” means “school”. The problem of non-access to education remains particularly real in Africa. This has led us to basing the game in an African context, even if many children on other continents are equally deprived of their right to attend school.

LEKOLI is intended both as a game for families and as a basic tool to support projects or encourage contemplation on the subject of access to education. The game covers many concepts and subjects. It is even more enriching when preceded or followed by a discussion with the children.

weg lekoliObjectives :

The game of LEKOLI is aimed first and foremost at children aged between 9 and 12. The intention is to:

• get them to think about the importance of going to school, for themselves and for all the children in the world,
• make them aware that the realisation of their dreams depends largely on the knowledge they acquire at school,
• allow them to discover the obstacles that prevent many children from gaining access to education,
• give them some tips on facilitating access to education,
• make it clear that the game is won only if everyone has gained access to education.