Improving learning conditions for disabled and socially disadvantaged children

India is both fascinating and shocking. Although the country has advanced significantly in recent years, many people still live on the breadline. Certain population groups are particularly hit by poverty. These include the disabled. Not only do they live in miserable conditions, but they are also excluded from several spheres of life. As the general population has little idea about how to deal with them, many disabled people are rejected even by their own closest relatives. Exclusion starts at an early age: disabled children have little chance of attending school and find themselves excluded from the education system. There are very few specially trained teachers. For these reasons it is time finally to give children with disabilities or from socially disadvantaged families a chance of a decent future.

The project in brief:

Kiran Village in Varanasi (northern India) cares for children and adolescents with a disability or from socially disadvantaged families. They are taught by specially trained teachers taking account of their abilities, are provided with the medical equipment they need and receive individual treatment.

The teachers at Kiran Village are paid by the state, but for infrastructure maintenance Kiran Village is dependent on aid. CSI is therefore financing renovation work to make the learning environment as pleasant as possible for everyone. A new boarding house for boys is being built, so that boys from remote areas will also be able to go to school. In addition, several buildings have leaking roofs which will be replaced (girls’ boarding house, physiotherapy department, tailoring department).

To ensure the quality of teaching and care, staff also take part in regular in-service training. Another aspect is sensitisation for parents, so that they learn to deal properly with the disabled and support their child correctly.

Total project cost: (2017-2020): €214 700

80% of this amount will be provided by the Luxembourg Foreign Ministry. The remaining 20% (€42 940) will be covered by CSI together with the partner organisation.