An African school in Luxembourg

The African school allows schoolchildren in Luxembourg to enter African school life and discover the many obstacles confronting their African peers wanting to learn at school.

The project in brief:

diara2kleinIn March 2014, CSI organised the exhibition “At school in Diara” at the International School of Luxembourg. This consisted of a full-scale replica of a Senegalese school, complete with classroom, latrine, water point and kitchenette. Given the success of this exhibition, CSI decided to repeat it in order to allow more classes to experience the reality of school life in Africa and improve their understanding of learning conditions there. An African school will therefore be established at the “Centre de Jeunesse” (Youth Centre) at Hollenfels in cooperation with the Service national de la Jeunesse (SNJ – National Youth Service).

Since 2016, CSI organises regular events at the African school. Primary school classes will be able to write on slates, count using pebbles, fetch water to clean the blackboard, learn to play African games, etc. Pupils will thus experience the very different learning conditions compared with Luxembourg, including the different infrastructure and school materials. We will discover together why African children are keen to go to school despite the difficult conditions.

The object of the project is to take the children away from their familiar surroundings and make them understand the challenges confronting their counterparts in Africa, and the creativity with which they face up to them.

Every year, several workshops will be run by an African partner so as to give the project more authenticity and make African reality more tangible for schoolchildren in Luxembourg.

If you wish to support this project, please state “EDEV-African school”. Thank you.


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