Construction of an inclusion school

Tanzania has some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, but it is also one of the poorest countries. in the world. Most people live from agriculture and produce only for their own needs, even though only 5 % of the land can be used regularly. Food is correspondingly rare and expensive. The education system too has major deficiencies. The rate of literacy is only just 70 %. Especially in rural areas there are many children who do not have a school nearby or whose parents prefer to keep them at home to work in the house or in the fields. But in the region of Iringa, in the centre of the country, an improvement is on the horizon.

The project in brief:

Under this project an inclusion school is being built in the town of Ilula. Like the kindergarten, the pre‑school and the secondary school, it will function according to the Montessori method. In addition to the school, two boarding houses will be built, one for girls and one for boys, so that pupils who live far away will not stay away from school because of the long walk.

The initiative for this project came from the parents. It is important to them that their children should receive a quality education above and beyond pre‑school. Therefore they took the initiative and asked our partner organisation, IOP Tanzania, to build a primary school. The fact that the idea came from the parents is a good sign; they know that education will have a decisive influence on their children’s later living conditions, and for this reason they are fully behind the project. Thus there is a good basis for a successful and long-lasting project.

Total project cost: (2017-2020): €514 800

80% of this amount will be provided by the Luxembourg Foreign Ministry. The remaining 20% (€102 960) will be covered by CSI together with the partner organisation.

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