Global education

EDEV1kleinSo that even very young children can understand the situation, CSI Lëtzebuerg offers workshops on the subject of "Access of education". These workshops are aimed at primary school years 3 and 4. In the first workshop children are placed in the situation of being unable to read or write, such that they experience at first hand how difficult everyday life can be with such a handicap. The second workshop again covers personal experience of illiteracy, after which the children learn about education in the world. Using a school atlas and various statistics, they try to find out what the education situation is like on the different continents, and to work out reasons for the differences. In the third and final workshop the children play the board game LEKOLI (developed by us), and in this way learn why children of their age in the developing world do not have the good fortune to attend school.

The aim of global education is to let our young workshop participants see how other children live, to provide food for thought, tohelp them weigh upWentgerKlein  situations, and to give everyone an opportunity to do their bit to improve the world. The idea is teach the children that they have the potential to do something which will make a difference. We firmly believe that we cannot look at the developing world without questioning our own life and attitudes.

“A person who has learnt too little is like a frog which thinks its pond is an ocean.”

Burmese saying

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